Food that delivers!

‘An award winning takeaway, we’re so passionate about making seriously tasty and real Indian food that we travelled to India and worked with local chefs to bring you unique and exciting flavours of the dishes you know and have come to love!’


Familiar Dishes

with unique and exquisite flavours

Tailored Menu

we really focus on quality

Taste the difference

Each dish is individually prepared

Our Story

Fed up of takeaways that all tasted the same and lacked real quality, we dreamt of something more. So in 2014, we travelled to India and met with some top class chefs to help us create our menu. Our philosophy is simple… serve delicious food, maintain consistency of those delicious flavours and get our food to customers in the shortest time possible. We traced the origins of the ‘classic’ Indian dishes and worked on bringing the real flavours straight from their origins. We might have a small menu, but it’s a menu where each curry is cooked individually and tastes unique. No additives, no food colour, just fresh food!