Our Story

Fed up of takeaways that all tasted the same and lacked real quality, we dreamt of something more. So in 2014, we travelled to India and met with some top class chefs to help us create our menu. Our philosophy is simple… serve delicious food, maintain consistency of those delicious flavours and get our food to customers in the shortest time possible. We traced the origins of the ‘classic’ Indian dishes and worked on bringing the real flavours straight from their origins. We might have a small menu, but it’s a menu where each curry is cooked individually and tastes unique. No additives, no food colour, just fresh food!

We believe that our passion for food is reflected in the incredible tastes and textures we serve in dishes every single day here at Chilli Tuk Tuk.

So, who are we?

This is us – Deepak, Amisha and baby Jasmine…. Just a small, ordinary family with big and extraordinary dreams!

Deepak is the brain child behind Chilli Tuk Tuk. His background is in business consultancy and project management.  He spent his earlier days as a student working in Indian restaurants and since then, has developed a real passion for all things food! He’s an avid foodie and he’s an exceptional cook, too! Plus he’s a hands on Dad to baby Jasmine, and when he’s not doing that, he’s managing all aspects of Chilli Tuk Tuk (strategic and operational)!

Amisha – with a former background in travel and tourism, and then moving on to local government (for the last 9 years),  she’s not just a mum to baby Jasmine, she’s got a full time career too! She’s a Health and Social Care Commissioner, working across a local authority and NHS services, and when she’s not doing either of those things, she’s proudly the face and voice of Chilli Tuk Tuk, managing all of the customer service side of the business! Like Deepak, she loves food too and is really passionate about Chilli Tuk Tuk.

And then there’s baby Jasmine! She is officially Baby Boss – and a great one too! She really does keep everyone on their feet.

But it doesn’t stop there!

We’re so enormously proud of our Team Chilli Tuk Tuk – a team that consists of talented and expert chefs, kitchen staff and front of house staff who are all extremely customer centric and who are all committed to delivering the best food and customer service to each and every one of our Chilli Tuk Tuk-ers (aka our customers)!